Sunday, September 11, 2005

looking to do anything but ...

... write but prefer to feel as though you're doing something related? Start here. I admit to being a bit of a pen geek but pencils are fun as well. I still have some very old ones, wooden and mechanical. I remember when we worked in publishing using blue clutch pencils or chinagraphs for marking galleys and proofs. I even have a Hello Kitty propelling pencil (which works) and a nice old Faber Castell clutch, green with brass grip. Better get sharpened up.

lists and needs

Not up for much. I have a mind full of lists and needs, which are all necessary and quite boring in this context. Hoping to cross a few things off the list soon. Hard to write a lot at the moment. Juice is drying.

I keep looking out the back window at the cherry blossom. It is about to flower, has been on the verge for a while. Maybe when it does I shall feel better. The Japanese maple at the front is just starting to get back its leaves after winter and the clivias are making their bright orange splash. There is a constant conference of the birds starting around 5am, with nesting magpies in the gums two doors up. It makes the mornings more pleasurable to hear them and the others warble and chirrup.

I haven't had a great winter healthwise and suspect airconditioning as one culprit. I've been working in an office where the temps are often so cold I feel that I needed a nice knitted cardie to keep me warm. In fact, I was taking in my lovely silk and wool scarf I bought in Paris earlier this year to wrap round me. I'll be moving nearer the window very soon and hope that improves things. It'll be also good to see the horizon (OK, they're horizon glimpses).

cold hits out
lashes my back
does its circuit
of the room

we say oh
no more cold
it goes on
the snap shut

get up go
for a walk
sister sun love
my tired back

the long flex
to the ground
lift flaps open
we go then?

all along the street are the glints and greets
out here you can feel the hinge of new spring
out here you can feel what leaves you