Thursday, June 15, 2006


I am being inundated with press releases about films, as it's film festival time. I realise they are fabulous templates.

Here's one for the next [book/film/whatever it is you do]:

The book/film/etc is a sharply original, amusingly [dark ... or whatever ...] take on what is ultimately [whatever your book/film/etc 'ultimately' is]. The book/film/etc is full of [let's say ... "obsessions, compulsions"] and presents a darkly [comic ... or tragic, if you wish] alternative to [whatever ... anything, really]. The [whatever] ... dealings with [let's really go for it ... 'sex, death and authority'] make it appeal to [whoever] like their books/films/etcs laced with a taste of the [whatever is the flavour de jour... in this case 'the dark side'].

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