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how to move

take the edge off time reject the wherewithal do not discover the factual move down into the miniature pass the goal and forget


I'm on the move again, from the south-west corner of the city to North Adelaide for a couple of weeks while I take a lease on, and furnish, a place just off Hutt Street in the south-east corner of the city. North Adelaide has a hill. Adelaide appears to have Melbourne-type weather, four seasons in one day. Even some snow in the hills yesterday, supposedly. Chilly today. I often see parrots in the tree outside my office window. Off to Melbourne briefly on Sunday, then back to somewhere in Adelaide early next week. Only partly writing, need to do more.


Apparently, I have been translated into Turkish . I came across the above site today, just as I was preparing some work for a translation I do know about, into Chinese.


Starting to prowl, little mapmaker along the ridges, beyond the dreaming grids … Losing sight of clouds is like losing the image of sky It cannot be just itself it needs soundings and limits coasts and entanglement … Each room has scarps at 2am, the walls of doom traced in soundless sound the breathing of another dream you don't wish for barely normal and tracing none other than the weird placing of circular narratives that build up in graphs, the daily mind and tumble out, mixed up punch cards, sounds of the sixties compasses, protractors spinning diagonals for the psychedelic brain then waking in a clearing looking for north again

play for lights

I’m game for the lights takes me to the barely visible dusk and the seriously visible dawn my diasporic mind sings underneath the heterophony executed by the city delays, braking trucks and a change in the sticky tapes of argument bird foreigners

poetry salon in melbourne

Later in August I will fly to Melbourne to read at the Australian Poetry Centre. Here are the details of this event. Sunday August 24th Australian Poetry Centre,’Glenfern’, 417 Inkerman St (corner Hotham Street), East St Kilda. Poetry Reading and Discussion: 4.00 - 6.00 with Jill Jones (SA), Ken Taylor (VIC) & David Brooks (NSW). Cost: $7 members, $10 non-members Champagne, savoury food, wine and cake will be served. Soiree with a group of Singaporean poets : 6.00 - 7.00 Featuring Alvin Pang, Prof Edwin Thumboo, Yong Shu Hoong, Madeleine Lee. This event is presented by Ethos Books, Singapore with the Asia and Pacific Writers Network and the Australian Poetry Centre. So, might see some of you there. One day I'll fly away - back to Sydney for a visit, but this is as close as I'll get for a leetle while.

no (particular) place to go

At the moment, I am betwixt and between houses. Well, what I mean is, I have to move and I have nowhere to move to - strange, stressful feeling. Rental properties aren't easy to find in this city, especially for someone like me (non-driver) who needs to be near transport. A lot of people don't believe how hard it is for anyone to find something to rent at the moment and how expensive it is becoming due to all the current and obvious factors. This is why I can't really do much currently, apart from teach, which I am enjoying. It doesn't help that I don't know this city at all. It's layout and topography are messing with my head, for sure. Apparently, I am told, at this time of year everyone hunkers down and watches TV, or something similar. So, no-one's moving house and no-one is going out and being social. I wonder what spring will bring. In the meantime I am looking, but not finding. Me no like.

lee marvin readings

The Lee Marvin readings are happening again in Adelaide this August at 9 Anster St, Adelaide (off Waymouth at the King William end, not far from the Union Hotel). Ken opens up at 7.30 for a prompt 8pm start and it's only $5 for the readings and a glass of wine. On Tuesday August 26th the readings will feature: Linda Marie Walker Anne Bartlett Naomi Horridge Jill Jones Raoul Du Plicit-The Circus 4 Might see some of you there.