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I'm off to Sydney next week for a few days, including the reading at The Loft (see post below). Maybe will catch up with folks - but also 'things to do while visiting home', archival and disposal. And touch-ness, of course. Last time Sydney looked strange, hills, valleys. And a kind of wetness. Too large and too small at the same time. I had to re-read it. Took me a day at least. (I said all that below, but I'm reminding myself, being someone in train.)

loft readings next week - me back in sydney

The Loft Readings present Jill Jones Kate Fagan Fiona Wright Thursday 13th November UTS Studio (NOT The Loft) 6.30for 7pm UTS Studio/Performance Space Building 3 (Bon Marché), Room 105 (Corner of Harris Street and Broadway Road, Broadway. Entry on Harris St) Entry: $5/$3 for Students and working/unworking poor For More Information: Berndt Sellheim: berndt.sellheim [@] The Loft Readings could not continue without the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology, and generous funding from The Literature Board of The Australia Council for the Arts. Kate Fagan is a poet, songwriter and editor whose publications include The Long Moment (Salt), Thought’s Kilometre (Tolling Elves, UK) and return to a new physics (Vagabond). She is a former editor of the US-based journal of innovative poetry How2 . She is from one of Australia’s pre-eminent folk music families, The Fagans, and her album Diamond Wheel (MGM) won the National Film &