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all corners

Something new, finding poetry in all corners of the net .


Trevor Joyce has posted pics of the Prague poetry readings . I'll be posting more on Prague, Kutná Hora and Brno soon.

three things about berlin

Berlin seems pretty OK so far. Having been here about an hour. But no 7/11s, or similar - at least in this district (not a tourist area). The trains work. A promising sign. A lot of doner kebabs must get eaten here.

three things about prague

The Museum of Communism is in the same building as a casino. A Maccas is outside. The trains and buses and trams work very well. There are a lot of dogs.

spring? how weird

A dive (aka hotel) in Frankfurt's red light district (table top dancing, anyone, it's just next door) is tonight's big fun. Maybe it will be quiet for Good Friday, who knows? It's not a 'fair' week here, so maybe it won't be, err, hectic. Seoul looked busy and interesting for the few hours we were awake there. Stings the sinuses and the eyes with its pollution. But the cherry blossoms are beautiful along the avenues. Because, of course, it's all the wrong way around in the northern hemisphere, and they're getting into spring. Weird. And my first European train for many years - Prague via Dresden. Then days of poetry. Something I am looking forward to (see entry below). Mostly I am discombobulated by time changes and all the hours and half hours I've gained and lost. It has been a very long 10th April, far longer then 24 hours. I did get to see a bit of Siberia along the way.

check it out

MICRO-FESTIVAL POETRY SERIES Prague / Brno 14-18 April 2009 Maurice Scully (IRL), Martin Rainer (CZ), Justin Quinn (IRL), Kevin Nolan (UK), Trevor Joyce (IRL), Jill Jones (AUS), Philip Hammial (AUS), Michael Farrell (AUS), Vincent Farnsworth (USA), Stephan Delbos (USA), Pam Brown (AUS), Petr Borkovec (CZ), Louis Armand (AUS) 14 April 2009 (Tuesday) Shakespeare & Sons Krymska 12, Praha-Vrsovice Pam Brown, Stephan Delbos, Vincent Farnsworth, Michael Farrell, Philip Hammial, Trevor Joyce (English) 15 April 2009 (Wednesday) The Globe Pštrossova 6, Praha-Nove Mesto Louis Armand, Pam Brown, Michael Farrell, Philip Hammial, Jill Jones, Trevor Joyce, Martin Rainer, Maurice Scully (English) 16 April 2009 (Thursday) Sklenena louka Kounicova 23, BRNO Louis Armand, Pam Brown, Michael Farrell, Philip Hammial, Jill Jones, Trevor Joyce, Martin Rainer, Maurice Scully (Czech) 17 April 2009 (Friday) Café a knihkupectví Fra Šafaríkova 202/15, Praha-Vinohrady Petr Borkovec, Pam Brown, Michael Farre

wish fulfilment

In the nature of materials constancy of years Sing praises, of super-phosphate and the management approach The process is stuffed into the space where we sit Environments scan prototypes

it's that simple

Are the new feelings just like the old feelings? My legs tired from sitting staring my hands busy not feeling what wood or air means because it’s not nothing beyond it’s near out the back door birds hopping trees absolutely identifiable and me swapping selves not knowing. But I smell it now beyond anyone’s claim into the time’s now coming to pass.


Holes decorate the path, tiny drops of polystyrene blowing tickets. Little is luminous, the dry is turned. Lay aside the gods for a minute, they've no price but may require it. The end of the work song burns itself, stained with open-ended nights. Recycled sheen smells of the chemist’s lamp, anaesthesia torn from the spine. How an interior tears a door into words, water drains inside a dream. You must slip stealthily into the ventilator, the market will be normal after that.

a smell of varnish

Through white assemblies morning remains in the old city of joy, there’s low sweet singing around gardenias, the end of edges oscillating in waves. Ring and repair old inclinations, remember halls of varnish, how wood bounced, the way skin disturbs movements of sweat, how the song didn't go away. Paragraphs burn through this art of layers adding to clarity beyond the verandah. To wake up and arrange the resistance, a fine balance must be recognised. Change masses on a mark. Besides, and after all, you can bear questions.