spring? how weird

A dive (aka hotel) in Frankfurt's red light district (table top dancing, anyone, it's just next door) is tonight's big fun. Maybe it will be quiet for Good Friday, who knows? It's not a 'fair' week here, so maybe it won't be, err, hectic.

Seoul looked busy and interesting for the few hours we were awake there. Stings the sinuses and the eyes with its pollution. But the cherry blossoms are beautiful along the avenues. Because, of course, it's all the wrong way around in the northern hemisphere, and they're getting into spring. Weird.

And my first European train for many years - Prague via Dresden. Then days of poetry. Something I am looking forward to (see entry below).

Mostly I am discombobulated by time changes and all the hours and half hours I've gained and lost. It has been a very long 10th April, far longer then 24 hours.

I did get to see a bit of Siberia along the way.


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