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dorothy porter 1954-2008

... I stand my ground in the undaunted spray and company of my own words. - Dorothy Porter , from 'The Ninth Hour'

little evening

summer answers not far off mischievous testing experience crotchety enchantment world-wide shipping now scarce knurled handles accessories playing hard to get cars roar up and down north terrace a comedy of manners 'Can't come.'

ego reclothing

I’ll take grosgrain for free or with bated breath my sex appeal is my confidante I’m waiting to wear the light frothy stuff then trash the error of blouses dumped in the wash babies’ jackets before they’re born and the next season’s flash waiting for the first rains of the season but also me -- i stink! ... like a jerk with a camera having more fun with underwear on I am already excited tho my dryer sucks I’m prepared to shed most of my slacks and pyjamas - “give it up” my statement to the world! knock out the tatt, buy up the rack forget ambition or will-power waiting for results I want my old preen back while I think about you de-scaling five fashionistas I’m waiting on one last ... Please, off-the-shoulder, for free!