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poetry bursting with bubbles

Check out the latest Shampoo, a 10th anniversary issue that's full of fresh poetry goodness.

Poems by Tim Yu, Stephanie Young, Grzegorz Wróblewski (translated by Malcolm Sinclair), Tim Wright, Valerie Witte, Elizabeth Witte, Alli Warren, Dana Ward, Tim Vander Meulen, Joseph Torra, Halie Theoharides, Benmina Taquito, Dawn Sueoka, Louisa Storer, Suzanne Stein, Tim Shaner, Chad Scheel, RussWade, Meg Ronan, Kit Robinson, Mg Roberts, Beni Ransom, Kris Raido, Michael Pontacoloni, Ron Palmer, Billy X. O’Brien, Debrah Morkun, Trey Moody, Scott Metz, Catherine Meng, m.g. martin, Blake Lynch, Emily Liebowitz, D.W. Lichtenberg, Cassie Lewis, Rodney Koeneke, Jack Kimball, Kevin Killian, Larry Kearney, Alexander Jorgensen, Jill Jones, Matthew Johnstone, Becca Jensen, Paolo Javier, Chinedu Jonathan Ichu, Paul Hostovsky, Yuri Hospodar, Kallima Hamilton, Jaimie Gusman, Carolyn Gregory, Robert Glück, Leora Fridman, Andy Fitch & Jon Cotner, Rachel Finkelstein, Thomas Fink, Dion Farquhar, Adam F…

to gush forth

ambits of cells account beyond basin valley
barefoot sad one breaks words from harms
crush gold cordial
dew salt held in walls
end paper crawl to begin sung flower
flighted passage night feather
ground make warm grasp shadow
hands translate in order to say
I’m for the jabber
jumping corridors and fancies
local by story line of air
meander nuances my narrow emergency
noises which stop night nowhere burning
odd habits of hair
patinate old roads with coming
question crosses time reference: escarpment
remainders gutter our star close luminous
song scaring night transports lost tattooed
tears playing stone bathed to gush forth
violet interior marks attempt at continue
what on the other hand sky this damage
xerotic and crying for milk
your misty throat
zampillare, yes, yes, to gush forth