no (particular) place to go

At the moment, I am betwixt and between houses. Well, what I mean is, I have to move and I have nowhere to move to - strange, stressful feeling. Rental properties aren't easy to find in this city, especially for someone like me (non-driver) who needs to be near transport. A lot of people don't believe how hard it is for anyone to find something to rent at the moment and how expensive it is becoming due to all the current and obvious factors. This is why I can't really do much currently, apart from teach, which I am enjoying.

It doesn't help that I don't know this city at all. It's layout and topography are messing with my head, for sure. Apparently, I am told, at this time of year everyone hunkers down and watches TV, or something similar. So, no-one's moving house and no-one is going out and being social. I wonder what spring will bring.

In the meantime I am looking, but not finding. Me no like.


Anonymous said…
Really moved and cannot help but admire you, Jill. You love poetry so much.

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