Monday, July 03, 2006


If you feel like going for a blog-walking tour, here's some views of Marrickville, also home of Ruby Street.

This blogger, another Jones, must live very near me as the greengrocer, the houses, the Tibetan Emporium and the chewy and statuary - the things mentioned on her blog - are all within a coupla minutes walking distance of my own good self. Even the cat looks familiar. The greengrocer is, indeed, cheap as chips and he's a good guy, to boot.

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Marrickvillia said...

Hi Jill,
well spotted... I'm just around from Ruby St in Cary. Although I ambitiously aimed to cover the whole of Marrickville in my blog so far I haven't ventured beyond a 4-block radius. There is so much so close to home, isn't it wonderful? Let me know if you have any suggestions for my 'Shop of the Week'.
PS I've linked to you toooooo