Tuesday, April 25, 2006

discarding memory - sakutaro

Also, thanks to Chris for reminding me of the work of Hagiwara Sakutaro.

Here is a prose poem by Hagiwara Sakutaro:

Discarding memory
Coming back from a forest I took off my hat and discarded it. Ah memory. Memory terribly torn apart. Memory that had rotted in miserable, muddy water. My hat trembling on the road in a lonely rainy landscape. I discarded it behind me and walked on.

From Howling at the Moon: Poems and Prose of Hagiwara Sakutaro, translated by Hiroaki Sato, Green Integer 57.

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chris said...


lovely stuff, yes, i was happy to find it again. thanks for your good word, too and sorry to have been out of touch this year. hoping all's well for you.