Monday, September 28, 2009

la vida loca

‘I wanted to get lost in the city’

someone came up the drive

‘I guess you two know each other’

it’ll take time

we’ll make a long story even longer

going to sleep stretches the night

enjoying the acrobat music

needing to move, ‘to do nothing’

it was a lot of work to finish high school

one day I picked up the phone

I flew to Mexico City

next Friday I debuted in this show

in the first six months I realised

‘talk to me yeah baby'

‘like, every woman in history’

after the show I hopped a plane, went to Italy

living la vida loca

imagine the press release

‘I stopped for a second’

I'll die and think about those days

I need to play with my dogs

I look in the mirror in a Japanese hotel

what became of the weeklong party?

1 comment:

PB said...

That's a riddle of a poem Jill.
Nice one