la vida loca

‘I wanted to get lost in the city’

someone came up the drive

‘I guess you two know each other’

it’ll take time

we’ll make a long story even longer

going to sleep stretches the night

enjoying the acrobat music

needing to move, ‘to do nothing’

it was a lot of work to finish high school

one day I picked up the phone

I flew to Mexico City

next Friday I debuted in this show

in the first six months I realised

‘talk to me yeah baby'

‘like, every woman in history’

after the show I hopped a plane, went to Italy

living la vida loca

imagine the press release

‘I stopped for a second’

I'll die and think about those days

I need to play with my dogs

I look in the mirror in a Japanese hotel

what became of the weeklong party?


pb said…
That's a riddle of a poem Jill.
Nice one

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