Australia Day full of sport and awards
A cricketer is made Australian of The Year.
The Australia Day honours are released but how many writers? So very few.
A third of those on the lists are women. I recall our population is pretty much 50/50.
We say Australia is the land of the fair go.
Advance Australia Fair, yeah?
Fair go where?

It was a fair day, of fair winds
cleared sky, clearing head.
A. went to survival day with Aboriginal friends.
I needed space, inside, time for working.

Breeze works around me.
A radio in late afternoon plays something that sounds like sport.
I listen to 1960s Bollywood, Asha Bohsle and co. 'Seekhlo ...' 'Learn to ...'
I'm learning, trying a layout, wishing I had a decent DTP app.
No Australians left in the Open.
No Australians get Golden Globes for film (OK, a couple for TV).
As if this matters or measures.

It was a good day.
A bad weekend with bad news.
The real thing, not celebrity hype.
So much wrong.
But a good day.
Learn to ...


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