Speaking of walking:
the hot roads
- Andrew Burke

Andrew thought I might like his haiku (which he told me he's just used as a hokku) and here it is. So he's made it to blogland. Andrew's from Perth, as you may know, which is hot. So is Sydney.

Thinking about walking and the line. Is the line the walk (a lot of walks in a poem), or the stanza (a few turns), or the poem (many blocks or paths)?

I'm wondering about the line at the moment (a) because I'm always writing and (b) there's been some discussion on it by Ron Silliman and William Watkin. I'll wonder some more and get back about it.

Also wondering about 'the moment'. If the poem stretches beyond 'the moment'. And what moment is that? Moments mean nothing - one moment any more than another, that is - except for meaning invested in them. This is connected to the emotions too, the body and its history. Felt intelligence.

Poems are also about process. How to talk the continuous.


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