What is c-side?

I posted a listing of the next c-side event - c-side 1.1 - in the side bar to the right but, well you might ask, what is it? Well, c-side is a project giving space, both physical and virtual, to poets, photographers, visual artists, musicians, DJs, etc to broadcast their works, either as individuals or in collaboration. It's the brainchild of Sydney poet, James Stuart.

The fundamental philosophy behind the event is that collaboration both increases the audience for each art form involved and, importantly, encourages focussed, artistic dialogue. It's hoped this leads to an increased presence of the arts in the wider cultural field as well as new possibilities for the encounter of meaning. Anyway, that's the theory.

James is producing the project through his non-generic productions, which has been in the business of producing stuff like this since 1997.

So far, c-side has produced one event at the This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle, Australia, held in October 2003. So, on Saturday night 4 October, after much anxiety over whether all the tech stuff would work and the fact the proceeding event, an MC battle, went wa-a-ay over time, c-side rolled itself out. The works were by Gareth Jenkins, James Stuart & Andrew Worssam, Peter Minter, Annette Willis & Jill Jones. The DJs were Guillaume Potard, Neotoke (aka James) and Jon Wicks doing their own live mixes. Under the above circumstances we thought it went pretty well.

I had to learn the intricacies of Power Point (yep, that program) to get my words working with Annette's pix. Then I turned it into a 15 minute Quick Time movie. Theoretically I could have done it in iMovie but James was working off OS 9 so Power Point it was. So easy, so nerdy. Fab!

Part of the project has been an audio CD also featuring a poem and photograph (have to mention the poem was mine and the pic was Annette's).

The next c-side arrives in Sydney as part of the sea-side Live Bait arts festival at Bondi Pavillion on 22 January, 2004. It will include the works that were presented at Newcastle but different mixes, different ambience. By the way, the idea is that folks don't have to sit and concentrate on the show as such but to feel free to have a drink, socialise as well as check what's on the wall. The shows feed through a few times so it's a swings/roundabouts kinda deal.

There'll be a number of other events taking place at the same time as c-side 1.1, including Frigid in Dub, Box Set theatre performances, etc. Live Bait, like c-side, is also self-funded and needs support! Sydneysiders should go along and make a night of it.

For more details on the festival, including the program details, visit Live Bait.

For more information check out c-side.


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