I've taken part in the 'poetry and film' discussion more than once, both on-line and in person. The gist, on my part, is that you'd be surprised at how many films have a connection to poets and poetry.

With the release in Sydney of Christine Jeff's film, Sylvia, much is being made of this all over again. Caroline Baum has written an article in the Sydney Morning Herald which covers some of the territory. I have a list of films which make connections to poetry culled from many discussions with friends as well as print and on-line sources. I haven't updated it in some time, however. I'll do so and, when I've done it, anyone interested is welcome to a copy and to make further suggestions.

I liked Sylvia, by the way, with a couple of reservations, and gave it four stars in a recent review. I'll post the review in the next couple of days.


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