some field notes

I work out of what is around me - ground, voice, thinking
these words - from my surroundings, my days

then find their way in disparate sentences
weather reports slipped with news headlines

or arcane paragraphs, they are letters from the past
a few minutes, days, months, many years

sometimes stacked, decks of an ocean liner
sometimes as scraps or hoardings

once they were approaches, ways of introduction
now less familiar - hints, glances, ricochets

or little dances with verbs


each place is a trail, a change
an existence that is named

looking closely changes a place
out of context, within another context


expecting openings and closures to be heralded
a woosh, an electronic handle

drug with a dangerous name
grievous monkey out of control

treasures do the talking
they report the crime
trespass and knowledge


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