taking today easy - a day undecided in the sky - walking is good, walking and talking with Annette - our doubts, irritations and disappointments with 'the art world', 'poetry inc' - but you can't escape cant, gossip, ego parades, buggeration - how we're in it anyway, and not innocents, though neither of us good hustlers

also a visit to the past - someone I knew so many years ago, lived with/ flatmate/ friend - the books, the music - how the past, though gone, is resonance - no new thought, it's only as it happens that I think it - the folds in time

there may be a storm - the rumble at the moment is a plane but its echo under clouds presages rain - I've smelled rain all day and the birds are ansty - Annette doesn't believe me but there is so much water in the air, the grey clouds moving and a strange stillness underneath the suburban tick-tock


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