All over the shop. Thinking of packing. Thinking currencies, languages, maps, pairs of socks. All the unfinished work that will have to remain so. Urrgh!

So in that mood listening to The Wire Tapper 10 compilation. Four Tet, Colleen, Alias, Laibach, Polmo Polpo, David Sylvian, Satanicpornocultshop, Jah Wobble, Mice Parade and many more. Yep, feeling eclectic, woozy and a bit out of my body. Plus, I had to go to Wollongong today for a meeting and the trains, as usual, were running late, there and back. Do I need this? You know the answer to that one. But the meeting was fine, lively, a bit exhausting.

... plus, the big disappointment! Lucinda Williams cancelled her tour. Sad, because her mother died. But, hey, I wanted to see her, hear her, up there, on stage, in person like. A bit ordinary. It was going to be a big treat before we ran out the door, sort of plane wheels on a gravel skyway.


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