Cycling through Bill Evans Trio 'Waltz for Debby' and Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight'. Antidotes for I don't know what. And Evans' version of 'My foolish Heart' seems like the ultimate woozy, druggy track.

We were going to go to the Show but there seemed to be too much to do at home - sorting out what to pack, doing some gardening, a bit of cooking for a change. So no cute animals this year. And this was the first year they were having rats amongst the cats, dogs, sheep, pigs and horses. Ah well, next easter.

I have a shoebox of guidebooks I've been dipping into. Prague, Paris (as if I needed to) and Ireland. I worry about Czech pronounciation. I will get some pointers from a Czech friend at work. 'Pivo' is beer, which is a good start.

Which reminds me - anyone who knows how to do accentual marks using Blogger, I'd be glad to hear of any tips. Just contact me - jpjones at ihug dot com dot au. I'd be most grateful. And I'm sure it's dead simple.


And from some recent reading:

'Poetry convinces not by argument but by the form it creates to carry its content."
- Louis Zukofsky, in A Test of Poetry, p.52, II-3.


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