snapshots project

I've been involved in a great project as part of a list I belong to, poetryetc. It's called snapshots and entailed list members writing a 'snap' of where they are (physically, head-wise or whatever) at some time in the world each Wednesday. The greater part of the second iteration (sorry, I like that word) is archived, many thanks to Rebecca Seiferle of The Drunken Boat fame, on a special page on her site. Earlier snaps from this round are archived on Randolph Healy's Wild Honey Press site. The Wild Honey site also features an earlier iteration (yeah, OK) of the project which ran in 2001.

The current snaps project has been running nearly a year. Time will tell if it continues.

So, there's plenty there written from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Italy, Iceland, Ireland and elsewhere. Enjoy!


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