So, I'm supposed to be packing and going away from my desk but, wandering around Newtown last night, what do I do but go into Elizabeth's Bookshop on King Street and buy not one, but three books:

Emil Staiger, Basic Concepts of Poetics (Grundbegriffe der Poetik), (trans Janette C. Hudson and Luanne T. Frank, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1991.

Steven Clay and Rodney Phillips, A Secret Location on the Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing, 1960-1980, The New York Public Library and Granary Books, 1998.

Jerome Rothenberg and Steven Clay (eds), A Book of the Book, Granary Books, 2000.

I would suspect that the last two of the above belonged to the same owner. The covers are a bit hacked but the insides are fairly pristine. The Staiger looks brand new and there were two other copies of the same brand newness also there. Some kind of remaindereed stock, I presume. Pity I won't get to read them for a while.


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