I haven't done much about walking lately but I've noticed that Stephen Vincent has been taking poetry out for a walk. Have a look at his site for the full ten poems called Walking Theory which are pieces supported by a commission from Slight Publications (Chris Sullivan, Publisher).

Here are a few excerpts:

from Walking Theory #4:

"Acknowledge juxtaposition, mourning dove mocking bird, shape sound,
alphabet character, melody blood:

Release ten-fold, the robin on the trolley track, the crow caw stuck in the throat, the here gone, the inside character, the old flame froze, defrost, walk harder, don't bend to break, the cloven stairwell, one level to the next, each side "interesting": ....."

from Walking Theory #5

"... Walking into structure, walking away, walking over the top, turn down the steep hill into theory, into reflection, into imagination, theory a,b, c, is cancelled by theory x,y,z, is keep moving, love is loving the felt body moving, is she at the intersection of Church & 21st., the red purse with vertical white straps, the dark top, the jeans about the thighs, the structure moving south, the walk going east and down, beauty envelopes the palette, one by one, love is a corner crossing.

from Walking Theory #10

"... The street stutters, step-by-step, who can account
The decorum of the poor, good-bye rhetoric, the desperate,
what can the poem do, walking, step by step,
witness, suffer, hope.

(To be continued)"


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