Oh blush, some people liked my recent hay(na)ku. Nice mentions on pelican dreaming and okir. I find the form helps me to think through poem notes and poems 'gone bad' and get to the core of what works, as much as being a fresh way to start from scratch. I've done both, of course. I particularly like working with it as a long form.

And Shanna Compton is ordering my new chapbook.

Cool and thanks all.

The chap book, Struggle and Radiance, was well launched into Sydney last Friday night, thanks to a great speech by Peter Minter (thanks Pete) and the space given me by the Sydney Poetry Network (thanks Martin H, Brook E, and Pete). I won't regale you with the difficulties we had afterwards in getting into the County Clare Inn for 'just the one' wee drink. We were turned back at the door but we have a theory, which has nothing to do with the fact that none of us are 18 anymore. We think it was because we are published and none of 'them' (the whole five customers) weren't. Jealousy knows no bounds in Sydney on a Friday night, let me tell you. Not even Kate's guitar case impressed them. Simply shockin'.

By the way, I'm putting together a collage of lines and ideas from the Poetry Network seminar. Should be up here next weekend. It's a busy week with Annette's exhibition opening and me having to write a speech and all. And wouldn't you know photographers. The other half of the exhibition, Anne, is complaining because we're making her stand up and say thank you. Hello? Is that a speech? I don't think so.


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