Annette and Anne's exhibition, Shadow Light Texture, was successfully opened last night in Camperdown, Sydney. The Chrissie Cotter Hall is a long narrow sixties space which works well as a gallery. But it was very cold until the crowds arrived. New faces, old friends. I made a speech which, inevitably included poetry. One of Anne's photos takes its title, Abandoned Moon, from a line in one of Neruda's poems (no 11 of the 20 Love Poems). Everyone was talking about the pictures on the wall as well as the usual small talk. Talking a lot about the pictures. In my speech I talked about a new look at modernism. One of Annette's influences is Aaron Siskind, abstract expressionism and all that. Is modernism coming back?

Anyway, if you are interested in their work, they both have websites:
Annette Willis
Anne Lynam


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