more ek-phrasing

I'm going to be doing some more ekphrasis stuff with the Diverse poets in a couple of weeks. This time we're responding to paintings in Australian Surrealism: The Agapitos/ Wilson Collection which is currently at the S.H. Ervin Gallery on Observatory Hill. The exhibition is now in its last weeks. We are reading on the final Sunday, 8 August at 3pm. The reading is free (but you have to pay $8 for exhibition entry) and will feature four of us: Marcelle Freiman, Carolyne Bruyn, Robert Kennedy and myself.

I spent last Saturday afternoon there, walking around, making notes, having a coffee. As well as paintings by obvious contenders such as James Gleeson or Albert Tucker there were a couple of Jeffrey Smart pictures, a Joy Hester and two German artists who were interned in Australia during World War II. Worth a look before it closes.


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