Just received a copy of Chris Murray’s wonderful and bright-covered chap, Meme Me Up Scotty. I'm loving its music, its sonic play, its fluidity. I read a lot of books where the poems don't sing to me, but Chris's sure do.

It’s funny and serious, it’s “shining as a satellite”.

fur in slow winter
turning the air
saying “now”

- from Jump Phasing 1

In fact, the words ‘yes’ and ‘now’ mean a lot in this book which turns the world’s noise into vibrations, sympathies and conversations. It’s mindful and full of wonder and play - and of the poetry in things, in all our ‘stuff’, the “pollen electricity”.

Chris has one of the best, jumpingest blogs I know and this book is both cool and jumping, thinking and loving sounds of poetry.

Thanks for sending it to me, Chris, even though it took its time making it down here.

fababylala ...
(La La Ism)


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