list for a visit

three crested pigeons
a butcher bird
a magpie
many noisy mynahs diving aggressively
two rosellas and their squabble tone
the hovering hawk's wing-tip twitch
a galah in the bird-bath
nine horses in the paddock under the trees
peewee on a horse's back
another twitch
crane and ducks on the dam
two cockatiels screeching
currawongs liquid song
three people and a little black dog crossing the paddock
buzz of a small plane
a rabbit running a gutter in the evening
possum blinking in the nightlight


the sad land song
they fly over the spike
grass and the muddied
snake, creek snake
death snake, money
everything but rain


Visiting my mother yesterday. She will now have to move. They will be building a new suburb in the paddocks next to where she lives. Goodbye birds, goodbye horses, goodbye sky. The drought has dried out everything.


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