Salt-lick launch in Melbourne

Volume 5 of SALT-LICK New Poetry will be launched, as part of the Melbourne Writers' Festival, by respected Australian poet Barry Hill.

Free wine and general conversation will follow readings by contributors Joel Deane, Jen Jewel Brown, Grant Caldwell and Jill Jones (bios below).

Saturday 28 August, 4.00 pm at The Tower, CUB Malthouse, South Melbourne.

A sample of the cover can be seen in the NEWS section of the new Salt-lick website.

Barry Hill is the Poetry Editor of the Australian. His long narrative poem, Ghosting William Buckley, won the NSW Premier’s Award for Poetry and his labour history, Sitting In, won the same award for Non-Fiction. His short fiction has been widely anthologised and translated. He appeared in the Best Essays and the Best Poems of 2003, and his first libretto, Love Strong as Death was performed at The Studio the Sydney Opera House in May this year. His most recent poetry is The Inland Sea (Salt Publishing). Broken Song, his biography of TGH Strehlow and an essay in Australian poetics, won Premier’s Awards in both Victoria and NSW, as well as the 2003 National Biography Award. He is working on a book of poems in response to the paintings of Lucian Freud. He lives in Queenscliff, Victoria.

Joel Deane's first novel, Another, will be published by Interactive Press in October.

Jen Jewel Brown, 2004 Poetry Cup Best Performer, enjoys dumping tomato sauce all over herself and the Australian flag. Author of Skyhooks' Million Dollar Riff, Marsupial Wrestling and Alleycat, she is currently completing her third poetry book, writing debut novel Wild Days and continuing to enjoy sullying what's left of her reputation.

Grant Caldwell writes verse and stories and novels. His latest book, a collection of poetry, Dreaming of Robert De Niro was published by Five Islands Press in 2003. He lives in Brunswick with a scatter of possums and a fleet of skulking blackbirds. He teaches writing part time at the School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne.

Jill Jones - well, you all know about her.


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