Here's an item from today's Sydney Morning Herald Spike column. An antidote to some less salubrious cat-related news. Note that, although I don't have a cat at the moment, I have had them round as company on-and-off during my life.

"Curl up and watch TV
And we thought reality TV couldn't get more bizarre. Yesterday saw the launch of Australia's first reality TV-inspired DVD for cats. Yes, cats.
A Walk on the Wild Side boldly claims to "bring the excitement of the outside world into your home for the enjoyment of your cat", for $24.95. The DVD shows birds, mice, crickets and fish cavorting in their natural habitats - perfect for when Fluffy can't be bothered going outside.
Unconvinced that any self-respecting cat would be interested in reality TV, we tested the DVD on the Spike cat, Christopher. He pawed the screen, miaowed a bit and looked generally very confused, which sounds like a perfectly normal reaction to the genre."

I have never watched reality TV bar once, involuntarily and not in my own home. Once was enough, as they say in the classics. Your cat is never wrong.


Anonymous said…
Jill patrick mc testing anon have good dayo -cats fed they will soon be going back to my daughter and peace will return (will miss them:-() nor much to do with poetry but well cat poems!!!!!
Jill Jones said…
Here's to the cats, Patrick, home or away. Glad you could stop by Ruby Street and that things may be a bit quieter at Rayne's Park.

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