lucy in the sky with ice

Today, I'm a bit like Lucy in the sky with ... rhinestones. Into the second day of the ice pack. I'm nursing Annette after a foot operation. Sort of getting in touch with my inner Florence Nightingale - buried deep but I'll find it.

But I woke up with a screamin' headache. Popped some reasonably medium duty codeine. Went for a coffee and a bit of shop for necessaries - especially the Samos olives for marinating, chorizo for the heck of it, choy sum for the chicken soup (for real). Headache still sits there doing its grumpy thing. I'm throwing ice round the kitchen when it should be going into the cryo-cuff dooverlackie. Hmm, Annette says 'take some of my drugs'. Extra-duty codeine. So now we're both in doozy-blah land.

By the way, the ice thing is 20 minutes ice then an hour off then another 20 minutes, and so it goes till bedtime. Three or four more days. I've got the craft now, and the art will follow, probably at the stage when the swelling has gone down and the need for ice is gone. I'm interested to see if this will give me ideas for rhythm, writing.

Think I'll make that second cup of green tea. It's Triple A Chinese stuff, lovely, smooth and golden in the cup (I much prefer Chinese to Japanese green tea).

Annette can't leave the house for 10-12 days so we're gonna have to be enjoying this. I see her eyeing the front door and the street. She's a hard one to keep from doing stuff. That will be the hardest part, to get her to be 'good' and not undo the surgery.

Time to take off the pack. Cheero.


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