playing literal with the image

Unexpected rain last night. Just the merest of drops on my face before and after visiting Annette in hospital. All kinds of tasks ahead of me over the next few days. All I can do is muddle through like a human. Woke up this morning, which makes it sound like a song, woke up early, unlike me and out to the kitchen. Yes, there has been real rain, and the bricks were gleaming, that fresh smell on the ground and garden.

drops blossom
wet black boughs


Unknown said…
Best wishes to Annette for a speedy recovery. And I hope you are enjoying the rain - a healing principle in its own right.
Jill Jones said…
Thanks Cassie. I've passed your good wishes to Annette. She's sitting on the lounge with her foot up now. My nursing is definitely a muddle-through kind of thing but compared to the hospital I'm Florence Nightingale, apparently.

The rain was brief but we're hoping for more early next week.


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