Shanna at the No Tell

No Tell Motel is a pretty cool poetry site. It's currently featuring three poems by Shanna Compton. One great line that tickled me was "if cans had tits and tits were pink."

And loved this poem's ending:

The morning we stood there, looking up,

The sky so blue--more blue than water,

more blue than sky, &

bluer than television.


Unknown said…
Thanks Jill for telling about the No Tell Motel.
Who administers the site, do you know? It's cool
& so are Shanna's poems
Anonymous said…
Hi Cassie,

I don't know much about the folks who run the No Tell Motel but here's a link to their about page.

It is pretty cool, isn't it.

Unknown said…
I followed up this link with interest,
many thanks.

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