Zukofsky briefs

"Whole night in form the whorl on earth"
- from Pamphylian, Louis Zukofsky

I've been reading with great interest all the reports of the recent Zukofsky confab in New York, especially Josh Corey's extended report, including that 'loneliness at a conference' thing. Ron Silliman's concern about the lack of women was also fascinating (and drew a lot of comments, some a bit weird). I know I would have tried to get there if I could've. Pity New York is the other side of this world. I can see what Stephen Vincent was concerned about as well. All that talk to honour the guy, but what about the poems. Of course, I wasn't there, but it did make me wonder.

In between my duties I will try to go back to my Complete Short Poetry, Louis Zukofsky. Love those syntaxes.


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