an afternoon in the garden

the birds: new holland honey eater, red wattle bird, spotted turtle dove, ibis, magpie, wagtail, noisy mynah, a raptor high up

also in the sky: high jet trails, a red kite with two blue tails

white blossoms fall on us or blow down

jacaranda stalks

the sound of a kids' party, plane roar, traffic, someone talking to dogs, some doof doof music in the street below

newspaper scattered around, last minute polling, who should bat at number three, obituaries, nobel prizes

cheeses, bread, corn chips, olives, flat bread, water, wine

my bad stomach, A's bad foot, the world

can we bear to watch election coverage or czech movie preview?

still undecided

I'm tipping coalition by twelve seats

recalling someone said last night 'remember 1993'

the birds continue chorus and call and afternoon lies down in shade


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