grand final fever

light hail down through fine web
water hang onto the cloud south
blue and white football hero streamers
come el magic they want you
come old freddy this last game
weather holds nothing close on truth
along the valley draped in hopes
praise this serious just a game
rain shine on wings and leaves
cars line up across the street

I live in Bulldogs territory. The 'El Magic' signs are everywhere. I lost 'my' team years ago. Balmain Tigers no more. This weekend it's Bankstown v. Bondi. The weather is in balance. Will it hold for tomorrow night's 'clash' (to go all footie commentator for a moment)?

If rugby league is a mystery to you, there's more than you'd ever want on the official site. Otherwise, check updates at the Herald. Or don't bother. The game lost me years ago - thank you, Super League - but people still care, and that's interesting.


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