to ...

time to look at the dark side
time to look within
time to look at the corpse
time to bury the corpse
time to walk
time to walk on, to walk away, to walk along
time to acknowledge the corpse
time to look
time to walk


Andrew Burke said…
Is that an echo of the great Labour Party campaign slogan of many years ago, 'It's Time'? I've just been listening to Cassandra Wilson's treatment of Miles Davis's treatment of Cyndi Lauper's song, 'Time After Time'. Very different! Time is a measure of change, is the old saying - perhaps this time wasn't time for a change because there wasn't enough 'change' on offer - not enough difference. Just musing ...
Jill Jones said…
Andrew, The Labor slogan wasn't on my mind but I see why might think it was. I have to disagree with you on timing. The time was ripe and we blew it. The damage is being done. But at least we know where we stand, but we have to do more than stand. Of course, I'm making assumptions about 'we'.

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