better news about Árni

I have just heard tonight that our poet friend, Árni Ibsen, is faring much better though he is not out of the woods yet. He still has pnuemonia, and needs a ventilator to help his breathing, and is very tired. But he has opened his eyes and gives all signs of knowing what is going on. This is such good news. I'm very happy but I know that, still, the support thoughts must go up to the north of the world.


Ivy said…
Jill, that is so hopeful... great news.
Hi Jill,

so happy for you and Arni...
Jill Jones said…
Many thanks Ivy and Susan.
All of the poetryetc crowd are very happy to hear that Árni is on the road back to us. As I'm sure many other people are.
Best, Jill

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