a Sydney candle for Árni

You may have noticed the words in Icelandic a few posts down, provided by Icelandic poet, Árni Ibsen. He has been an integral part of the discussion on the poetryetc email list for the last few years.

We have just received some sad news from Iceland that Árni has suffered a brain haemorrhage and that he is in a coma. The prognosis ranges from 'he'll recover' to 'it's the worst'.

I have never met Árni face-to-face. I had hoped to when I went overseas earlier this year but it was not to be. But I know Árni, I talk to him daily through the wire, and this news is most upsetting to me, to us. The list manager of poetryetc, Alison Croggon, has suggested we light a candle for Árni, and this what I've done all this day and will do so until we know.

Now is the time for actions at all levels and this is one of caring and respecting a good man and a good poet. Get well Árni Ibsen, and let's talk again!


Hi Jill,
Sorry that this is such a sad entry to say this but I have really enjoyed your poetry and just that almsot surreal romantic feeling that you have given to your diary which is so easy to pick up. I am passing through for the moment but am going to sit down soon to really read your blog (which is interesting and different).
I'll light a candle too, for Arni!
Susan Abraham
Jill Jones said…
Nice that you stopped by, Susan. Thanks for the comments. Interesting how blogs develop their own feel.

We still have candles lit for Árni, and waiting for news from Iceland. We are hoping he will wake up. Thank you.
Andrew Burke said…
Jill - a lovely exchange re your blog ... Yes, blogs evolve their own character - I think from their 'blogger', or is that too obvious to say?! I worried that my blog was 'all over the place' and that my photos were only of interest to myself, but others have told me that's why they like 'hispirits'.
Here's hoping Arni is 100% fit one day. He's younger than I am, and is such a good writer.
Cheers -
chris said…
Jill, your post of tribute is lovely to read and raises hope for Arni. I'm keeping a candle, too, and much of my good hope cast above and northeast up unto Iceland as energy vibe for Arni's recovery.

Best Wishes,
Anny Ballardini said…
Hi Jill, and Chris, and Andrew,
a candle has been burning here, too, Arni is one of the best people I have had the chance to meet. A Maestro!
With my compassion and love,
Jill Jones said…
Chris, Anny, and all those who care for Árni,

I feel there is some darkness now over our world. Árni was someone who, I felt, opened us/me up to a wider view. I continue to hold him as a flame within my heart. I am not sure how that flame attaches or is part of the life I lead, except to say: Árni is part of the life I lead, in poetry and as someone who works with words, as an artist, as someone who cares what happens. A candle burns here as, I am sure, it does in many parts of the world.

Hope is more than what we have left. Hope is for future dreaming. I dream that Árni has more to say to us and for us.


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