after some time

Yes, I've not been around much. Walking in other places than Ruby Street, I guess. The internet has also been crap lately in this neck of the woods. I'm starting to wonder if my provider is trying to con me into subscribing to broadband by giving such crap service. They were originally The Internet Group (tig) based in New Zealand. Then became ihug, which is when I joined, and were pretty good for ages, and still essentially NZ-based. Now a crew from Western Australia called iinet have taken them over and it's now a downhill run I'm thinking. I'm not the only one this is happening to. If anyone knows of a good provider in Australia ...?

My job has changed as well. I won't go into it but it's been, shall we say, a distraction, necessarily so.

Some personal, 'trying to get healthy and it's taking some time' stuff, too.

But you can be too full of excuses. So I'm back to walking here.

Just finished watching the new Zhang Yimou film, House of Flying Daggers. Me like. My kinda film, full of colour and landscape (part filmed in the Ukraine, would you believe). Worth seeing when it's released. Different to Hero, more personal and passionate, although epic as well.

Also, thinking about where to from here. I do this every couple of weeks, anyway, but this time it's serious, and slow. Thinking about 'language' (what is it good for?) and reality (ditto). Words aren't just words and sentences are more than sentences. I'll keep walking, for the moment. See you around.


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