A lot of crows (OK, Australian Ravens but we call ‘em crows) around these few days. Perhaps the weather is bringing them in. They were cawing in St Andrew’s Square. I was going to say a godforsaken stretch of modernised pebblecrete in the midst of the city (one of many) but there’s St Andrew’s Cathedral right next to it. But considering the pretty un-Christian outbursts of Sydney Anglicans over time and certainly of late, yeah, ‘godforsaken’ sounds about right. I think ‘whitened sepulchres’ is also a description.

[Though what am I talking about. Us lugging our bag of ‘bargains’ from the post-Christmas sales. Well, new walking shoes, winter socks and a thermal for the trip to Europe, and Janet Frame’s The Pocket Mirror. I thought this latter a great find, Frame’s only book of poetry. Then, this morning, my nearest and dearest brings forth her own copy of …. D’oh. I suppose there’s not many families that can claim dual copies of Janet Frame’s one and only book of poetry.]

But even here, at home, the ravens are calling, the southerly is blowing and the temps are down. There’s snow down south in the high country.


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