wagging my tail

Just catching the tail end of the year is another small (but powerful) publication of mine, Where the Sea Burns, which is a sixteen page chapbook, being No. 39 in the Wagtail series of Australian poets put together by Rob Riel.

The series of booklets intends to capture mainly reprint material from a broad variety of Australian poets, given that a lot of material does go out of print. Therefore, my Wagtail features mainly work from my first three books, particularly The Book of Possibilities which is now only available from moi.

Judy Johnson edited my Wagtail (note this proprietorial tone), for which I'm appreciative, and she has allowed some old work which did not carry into my fairly recent selected to have a second outing.

Wagtail is available by subscription. They only accept payment in Australian dollars, and overseas subscribers should therefore add AUD$1.65 per issue. The rates are:
2 years: $52 - 22 issues
1 year: $26 - 11 issues
6 months: $16 - 6 issues
Singles: $3

Cheques and money orders should be made out to Picaro Press and sent to PO Box 853, Warners Bay, NSW, 2282. Picaro can be contacted by email at jandr at hunterlink dot net dot au.


Stranger Ken said…
I've been enjoying your blog for quite a while now and wondered whether you'd mind my placing a link to it on my own. Maybe you could let me know. Thanks.
Jill Jones said…
Hi Ken,
Glad that you're enjoying Ruby Street. I am more than happy for you to link to this site. Thanks for stopping by.
Best, Jill

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