water has taken away

Water has taken away my family. - Mother, what's happened? I saw you yesterday and now you're here. You're not dead, you've gone to another village. Please come back. - We hope the funds allocated for the people won't be lost to corruption. - It came just like a river. People were running here and there. They couldn't decide where to go. - My son is crying for his mother. I think this is her. I recognise her hand, but I'm not sure. - There just aren't enough body bags.

We thought it was the end of the world. … The water was as high as a coconut palm. … It was all over in 25 minutes. That's all. How can that be ... such devastation. - Children in emergency wards were killed. Soldier patients suffering from malaria helped to evacuate other patients. - I need baby food as well ... no aid has come to us yet. - No contact makes us fearful. We're trying to send helicopters there. - Where is the military? They're just taking care of their families. There is no war in Aceh now, why don't they help pick up the bodies in the street?

This was the only thing we could do. It was a desperate solution. The bodies were rotting. We gave them a decent burial. - Police told us to come and have a look at this collection of ID cards. - We met in university. Is this the fate that we hoped for? My darling, you were the only hope for me.

Dead: they are dead, my cousins, their children, many of my husband's family. There are too many funerals, he has to stay to help them. - She went under a car, it just went over the top of her. I just got picked up and chucked against a wall. I was a lucky one: we cheated death. - Then all of a sudden we saw what looked like a wave surge into the garden ... at one point I had to scramble up bamboo trees to avoid the rising water.

I hope and pray that we can at least find their bodies so that we can see them one last time and give them a decent burial. - Information reaching here suggests facilities at Kalpakkam nuclear station may have been affected by the tidal waves. - We don't have confirmed data … - The TV, everything gone. - I've got calls from people down south who need clothes to bury their dead. They have none.

- Wednesday 29 December 2004

Those quoted, in order:
- Anbalakhan, who lost her husband, son and two daughters in the wrecked village of Karambambari, Tamil Nadu
- a woman at a grave site, Tamil Nadu
- Indonesian House Speaker, Agung Laksono
- Rajith Ekanayake, a security guard at the P&J City shopping centre, Galle
- Bejkhajorn Saithong, searching for his wife on Khao Lak beach
- Lieutenant-Colonel Budi Santoso, Banda Aceh

- Sofyan Halim, Banda Aceh
- Citra Nurhayat, a nurse in a Banda Aceh hospital
- Nurhayati, who has only had bananas to feed her 3-month-old baby since Sunday, Banda Aceh
- Djoko Sumaryono, Indonesian government official, says of Simeulue
- Indra Utama, community leader in Banda Aceh

- Venerable Baddegama Samitha, a Buddhist monk and former parliamentarian, at funeral of Queen of the Sea train wreck victims near Galle
- Premasiri Jayasinghe, Colombo
- a young man at the site of the Queen of the Sea train wreck near Galle

- Mrs Seeli Packianathan, returning from Sri Lanka, at Sydney Airport
- Les Boardman, returning from Phuket, at Sydney Airport
- Joyce Evans, of Melbourne, in Sri Lanka

- Kolanda Velu, from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
- spokesman, Indian Prime Minister's office
- Indonesian Vice-President Yusuf Kalla, in Medan city
- Roshan Perera, at the Catholic church in Mattakkuliya, Colombo
- Kusum Athukorala, local aid worker, Mattakkuliya, Colombo


"And the babies, Jill. The beautiful, beautiful babies.."

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