who listens to the radio?

If you can tune into ABC National Radio at 3pm on Saturday 18 December 2004, you'll catch a broadcast of Mike Ladd's Poetica program called Screens, Jets, Heaven - The Poetry of Jill Jones. There are details about tuning in throughout Australia on the website. For anyone else, the broadcast should be available as a web stream for a month after the radio broadcast.

The blurb says:
“Jill Jones' poetry is both juicy and intimate. But underneath its lovely Sydney tang of sun and harbour is a dark destabilising smell of trouble.” Dorothy Porter

Jill Jones is a Sydney poet and writer. Her work has been published extensively in Australia and in journals in New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the UK as well as on-line. Some of her poems have been translated into Mandarin, Cantonese and Polish. In the program she talks about her influences and her work and reads from the collection.

Sound engineer: Roi Huberman
Produced and directed by Libby Douglas


I learned a lot from Libby and Roi as they put this program together and my thanks go to them for much patient advice on reading poems for broadcast.

The interview was done one afternoon at my house and the readings in the ABC studios in Ultimo over a couple of sessions. Some new work was also recorded but the final selection of poems is all from Screens Jets Heaven.


chris said…
Hey, Jill--

Congratulations on this--what fun to do radio! I can't wait to hear it (will have to look into the online version).

Jill Jones said…
Thanks Chris,
It was fun to do. I assume the on-line version will be added to the site the Monday after the broadcast. I've already heard the completed version. It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself. The poetry is older work and not really where I'm at right now, but it works as a soundscape type thing.
Andrew Burke said…
Great news, Jill. I'm waiting for it with eagerness. I'll give it a plug over in Hispirits ... so the Westerners will tune in ...

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