been everywhere?

Well, no, of course not. I've been various places (even been to me this weekend). Just haven't been much around Ruby Street, in any sense, recently.

I suspect I'm still in a slight time lag warp and have been unwell for weeks - travel infestations.

Went to Perth and then Adelaide last week. Not exactly my choice of timing but had a good time all the same. Warm welcome from Perth poets (the Andrews) and Perth writing persons in general (hi, Rob) and bumped into many other folks. And did music (Tan Dun, Ed Kuepper) and the arts visual (Rothko and Rover) as well as writing thangs. Adelaide, as hot as. But great CD shops. True. Check it out!

But still haven't got my head back around Sydney yet. They tell me it's been raining. Sure, it's overcast, but rain - puh-lease. Send 'er down Hughie, is what I say. Anyway, had to water the garden this morning (all strictly within Sydney Water guidelines - we're most partickerlar about that at our place).

Yesterday incapable of little. Swallowing painkillers and stomach settlers and even unable to listen to music (OK, a DVD about Miles in the night-time).

Today, listening to Chucho Valdes, Patrick Bouffard, Everclear, Buffalo Daughter, Francois Moity, Richard Galliano, Sussan Deyhim, A.R. Rahman, Bojan Zulfikarpasic. (mi scusi, no time for accents). And, yes, much of this is travel loot.

Hope to get back to less scatty posts soon.

Been editing and proofing manuscripts large and small. More about that soon, as well.


mark young said…
been missing you.....
Jill Jones said…
Thanks, Mark. Still adjusting after travel and a bout or three of various collywobbles.

Ivy said…
Welcome back and feel better soon, Jill!
chris said…
hi Jill--hopin' you get to feelin' better soon, and hey: it's so very good to see you back at Ruby Street.

Andrew Burke said…
Hey, Jill, just back from the Somerville with Alice. Saw 'The Boy Who Walked with the Buddhas of Balmiyan' (spl?) ... Good to read your post but bad to hear you've been so ill. Maybe editing did it - I always get an attack of something like 'white line fever' when I edit, it gets me so het-up! I'm about to attack my latest novel slab which needs serious de-fragging ... Keep on blogging! Good to see you in 'foam:e' - Andrew B
Jill Jones said…
Hi Ivy, Chris and Andrew,

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm feeling a leetle better. Though work is way too ... well, way too!

And, Andrew, editing definitely can give you a kind of white line fever, red line too.

That film, The Boy Who Walked ... was OK. Bit laboured but worth a look. Glad to hear you (and Alice) are enjoying the best of 'whispering pines'.

Cheers all,

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