'east of the sun, west of the moon'

we're far up at windows
in a city flashed
with new year stars
lion dance bristles
tracking the asphalt
white and gold verticals
colonial spires

another year's breath
heats the dry season
and its cocktail vocal
press into dark
nodes and expression
'how insensitive'
air labours to be cold

candles refresh the river
fire cracker thousands
it's a family thing
in a way station of strangers
caught between straits
bow over the card
and the god money

gong xi fa cai

Singapore, 9 February 2005


Stranger Ken said…
Your poem really brings back memories: I lived in Singapore for many years. Wonderful. Are you the Jill Jones who wrote "Broken/Open" and "Screen Jets Heaven"? If so, just to let you know they're both currently available in England. I hope you enjoyed Paris, too.

Jill Jones said…
I've only spent a few days in Singapore, here and there. We have friends living there at the moment. And I've spent a lot of time in Changi airport. But glad I picked up some of the flavour. Paris was good as well. Yes, they are my two books - from Salt Publishing. I haven't seen a copy of Broken/Open as yet. I was proofreading it whilst travelling. An interesting experience!


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