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As a matter of interest, the poem 'My Dreamy Epic', mentioned below, is the full 'collected version', so to speak, of the poems which, in sequence, section off the parts of my new book Broken/Open, now available from Salt Publishing.

I hadn't mentioned the new book before as I wasn't sure, until this week, that it had emerged into the daylight. Well, it sure has, though mine eyes and hands have yet to touch its special glory, mainly because my copies are wending their way from Cambridge to Sydney, which just a little further than a walk from the other end of Ruby Street.

More on Broken/Open when it arrives. (Am I being too shy about this? Maybe. But, yes, more soon.)


Unknown said…
congratulations Jill

re wild honey; I didn't send it out, thought I'd have a shot at it myself ... but when it came to the crunch, I realised I wasn't up to it. My apologies.
Jill Jones said…
Thanks Ralph,

That's a shame about the review. I was looking forward to something in Famous Reporter, even a mention. It's becoming harder and harder to get any kind of poetry review in Australia these days. Doesn't bode well for Broken/Open. Sigh.
Unknown said…
Re reviewing: I understand & sympathise.

I'll be in Sydney at the end of May - kids in tow so a bit limited insofar as getting around's concerned - but if you could spare a couple of hours perhaps we could record an interview for the December fr, maybe add a poem or two from the collection... ?
Andrew Burke said…
Jill - congratulations on Broken Open. I'll be sending for a copy. Yeah, it'd be good to have a FamRep interview plus poems from book ... Goodonya, Ralph.

And we'll flog it by blog it around the nation!

It will be very attractive, I'm sure, as their productions are.


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