don't dream it's over

But it is - the sad death of ex-Crowded House drummer, Paul Hester, was a downer this long weekend. Even today, as I walked up Elizabeth Street searching for some lunch, the Freestyle records guys were playing 'You Better Be Home Soon'.


Ivy said…
Very sad.

We're going to Cork this weekend to see the Finn Brothers -- just waiting to hear if it's cancelled or not.
Anonymous said…
Oh God. Had I have heard those guys singing I would've been inconsolable. Melbourne has that way of bringing out emotions. Had it have been a typical Melbourne day (grey skies, windy, ever-present threat of rain), I would have been even worse.
PS: Great blog, your poetry is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
If indeed you were in Melbourne. Mind you, if you're posting on the Easter Show you're probably in Sydney. Damn. Now I feel like a twit.
Jill Jones said…
Ivy, I think the show is going on.
Binnsy, thatnsk for stopping by. Yes, I am a Sydney person but I do know Melbourne's Elizabeth Street, all those camera shops. Glad you liked the poetry.

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