Notice how blogger now won't let you allow line space between your stuff and the footer. Will have to draw a line until I can think of a more pleasing way of doing it. Urk!



First, thanks for looking at my new Blog, Http://

I'm a newbie at this so new visitors are welcome. I had just intended to visit then saw your note.

You might try putting the html code br within <> at the end of your text.

That should insert a line break.

In case the code I inserted gets wiped out, you can find it on this really helpful page:

Which if you take it in bits, has any bit of code you might want in a very organized manner.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. (My counter picked up where you came from.) Hope the page helps.

Jill Jones said…
Hi Peter,

Many thanks. Your suggestion of code works a treat.

Glad it was helpful. Happy Easter!

Peter Cottontail!

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